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Living Fantasies Top Tips on How to Best Wear Hold Ups

 Hosiery Top Tips


First things first… How to put on your hold ups and keeping them in place for any event.

There’s nothing worse than your hold ups slipping and falling down. This is one thing that puts people off buying them. Here are a couple of tips on how to put your hold ups on properly and to ensure that they stay there.  

  1. Don’t Pull them on – Try to avoid pulling on your hold ups instead roll them on. Starting from your toes and rolling up to your thigh. This way you are less likely to stretch the fabric which can make the hold ups sag and slip.
  2. Avoid Moisturising and oils – Keeping your legs dry is key to holding them in place. Moisturisers or any oil-based products will stay on your skin and prevent the silicone from sticking to your skin. (Try using deodorant or talc around the areas where the silicone sits)
  3. Staysput Hold-up gel for hold ups – If you are really struggling to keep your hold ups in place try using a hold up spray or gel which are designed to keep hold ups in place.

Are Hold ups just to be worn with Lingerie?

The answer is NO!

This is such a popular question that gets asked a lot and you would be quite surprised how easy they can be to wear with various other outfits.

I’m sure everyone knows hold ups look amazing with a gorgeous lingerie set! Whether it’s with a stunning lace chemise, a silk babydoll or just your everyday black underwear set. But they don’t always have to be worn with Lingerie. Depending on the occasion, you can put on a pair of hold ups when you want to transform a nice outfit into something a little bit more glamorous or to add a little mystery to your evening.  


What else can you wear hold ups with?

Hold ups are perfect to wear under a skirt or dress. I would just always make sure before leaving the house that the chosen skirt/dress is covering the top of the hold ups when standing and sitting. When you are testing the coverage of this, try sitting down and crossing your legs just to give you a rough idea of how much stocking you could be showing. Some people are happy to show a little sneak peak of the hold ups when seated, which you will also be able to gage just how much is on show by doing this. You can even wear them with a charming day dress that will easily disguise what you’ve got going on underneath.


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