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The History of the Chemise

Chemise lingerie were first made as women’s undergarments. Sometimes known as a ‘smock’ they would be worn under their more fashionable clothes to protect these from sweat and body oils throughout the day.

Chemise Old Drawing

The chemise seems to have developed from the Roman Tunica and first became popular in Europe in the Middle Ages.

Sewn together usually at home by the women, they weren’t as glamorous as they are today. The poor would wear more skimpy chemises that were pieced from a narrow piece of rough cloth. While the rich would have more voluminous chemises made from thin, smooth fine linen or sometimes in rare occasions, even silk.

It wasn't uncommon for men to were chemise's, although of a different style they would wear them with their trousers or doublets. It is understood tat the men’s chemises has survived to this day, now more commonly known as the T-Shirt (far less glamorous) 

The Chemise now...

The Chemise as we know it now is an item of Lingerie that is one of the cutest ways to look and feel sexy. Pretty similar to the Babydoll, Chemises are short, sleeveless garments that are normally made of silk, lace or even mesh material. Typically, the chemise is now tighter fitting around the waist and hips to really show off and enhance your body.

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