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The perfect sports bras are out there, girls!



If you have ever forgotten your trusty sports bra and worn your usual underwear to the gym, you will have definitely realised how essential a good sports bra really is. Did you know, a good sports bra can reduce bounce by up to 80 per cent, allowing you to focus more on your workout? 

No matter what size, shape or activity level you are, sufficient support and comfort is key to helping you lead a more active lifestyle. As most of us will know shopping for the perfect one can be a struggle, but I would always look further into what activities you are planning on taking part in before shopping.

For instance, if you are going to be doing light exercises and low impact activities, then an encapsulation style sports bra is the perfect one for you to try. An encapsulation sports bra is one that comes with individual cups and supports each breast separately with no compression. These ones are pretty close to your normal everyday bras and are perfect for classes like yoga and palates.


Opposite to this is the sports bras with compression. These give you the ultimate support if you are to be taking part in medium to high impact activities. These type of sport bras compress your breast to your chest to restrict movement and are perfect for HIIT classes and running.           



You can find sports bras now that have combined the two with supportive cups and compression. It was only recently I found a company that has brought out a range of seriously comfortable and supportive plus size sport bras. This company is called Curvy Couture and has described them as both functional and fashionable.

I love the look of this one that has made it on my list to buy. This one has breathable mesh panels, wicking fabric to keep you cool/dry, maximum support for high impact activities and soft padded comfort straps that are adjustable to wear cross-back or classic. 


Check them out girls. You won’t be disappointed.

If you are still unsure on the fitting of sport bras, take a look on REI. They have provided lots of useful information including measuring tips to ensure you get the perfect one for you -

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